Below is a list of the various subassemblies and parts catalogs. With the help of catalogs, you can find the manufacturer's code of the part you need, which you can easily find by entering it in the search box of our store. If you often have to look for various details, we recommend downloading these catalogs to your computer, because they are large and opening them "on-line" takes a lot of time.

-Distribution (timing), generator (alternator), power steering, etc. assembly straps. Open (8.8Mb) / Download (7.8Mb).

- Crankshaft pulleys.Open (88.5Mb) / Download (5.5Mb).

- Timing and auxiliary belt and chain tensioners, tension and support bearings. Open (145Mb) / Download (20Mb).

- Water pumps. Open (701Mb) / Download (56Mb).

NGK glow plugs

Total - Elf lubricants

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